Double Tap at Malja

Malja, is a collaborative space for Creatives from all disciplines including artists, musicians, designers, writers and filmmakers. True creativity and artistic expression does not draw distinctions between these types, but rather is all-inclusive in the sense that knowledge, collaboration and experimentation across various mediums is needed for innovation and expression. A space that is community centered and that encourages the sharing of ideas will in turn see the development of projects where the collaboration itself can stand as the creation.


Online, we tend to see a gathering of common interest groups, as social media allows people to utilize tools such as the hashtag when presenting imagery, in turn creating labels and categorizing posts. We can find relations between signs and among objects, subjects, and statements, as well as the social groups that favor them. In this culture of showing, borrowing, appropriating, transforming, amalgamating and saving, this ‘upload’ continues as collective online consciousness evolves.

Ironically, despite the sense of impermanence with this chronic upload of imagery, what is presented online can be accessible indefinitely. However, posted content hovers between permanence and transience when there is so much cataloged and recorded but we do not have the ability to search it as easily as we might hope. Our instant snapshots- our “memories”- seem to float somewhere, and through chance or through computer algorithms we may “find” something that we can then consume and churn out again, in our own way.

As we become more connected, we are no longer limited with regard to access or discovery, nor are we limited in what we wish to present to the public. In a sense, a new “freedom” has evolved where one can share or create a gallery of images and thoughts by ‘borrowing’ or ‘lending’ digital media/ephemera, and via an application or portal of choice. Through extension, these users are creating their own personal history: they are showcasing a collection that they have specifically curated, either by their various interests that have attracted their attention online, or by showcasing their own artwork.

Double-Tap presents a variety of digital and more ‘traditional’ mediums in a unified exhibition, exploring how social media can act as a bridge between the two worlds of physical and digital art and in turn, expose new ways that global communities of artists are presenting their work. These Creatives are not limited in their use of medium; they may create digital work, but they also use and are familiar with other mediums such as drawing, painting, stenciling and appropriating images. And yet, they are part of the fast-paced Internet culture, with limitless galleries of inspiration and instantaneous access to material. In this way, a sense of interdependence to ones online community begins to occur, and commonalities surface irrespective of time, place or location. Shared thoughts, sentiments and themes arise, that regardless of border, nationality or culture, pose similar philosophical questions.



















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